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Blockchain Innovation Empowers the Real Economy ——Responsible Blockchain World Championship (RBWC) S

Initiated by the FinTech4Good and Global Digital Economy Hub, co-hosted by NOS Accelerator and Cloud Park, co-organized by Wemerge Fund, the Responsible Blockchain World Championship (RBWC) China was launched in the International Conference Center of Cloud Park on November.23th-24th,2018.

Judges and participants of RBWC China

As a promising innovation, blockchain technology is expected to be further developed and deployed to address challenges across the globe. The world has recognized the transformational value of blockchain innovation. Through the distributed ledger technology, blockchain-based solutions will create digital identities for 1.5 billion people who are marginalized and not able to participate in the economic growth due to the lack of economic identity. It will also reduce the monitoring and reporting costs in the process of achieving global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which used to be billions of dollars. Additionally, blockchain will facilitate the integration of renewable energy generation into consumption, through the development distributed peer-to-peer energy transaction technology, which also makes entrepreneurs and the public very optimistic about the future of blockchain technology application. This is also the reason that we decided to launch the Responsible Blockchain World Championship (RBWC). In the past few months, working together with strategic partners from the United States, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and China, FinTech4Good has hosted several RBWC contests in multiple cities and countries.

In China, we have partnered with IDHub, Gobi Partners, Lighter Blockchain Technology Co., Jingtum Tech, SOS Ventures, T Capital, Coinstreet Fintech Limited, Wemerge Fund, Blockpower Capital, Tamarace, Eigen Capital, Daohuo Capital, AC Capital, Lianyun Tech, Interplanetary Node, ZBG, Bitrise Capital, Draper Dragon Fund and manuy other investors. More than 20 projects are selected to participate in the first round of the contest, after the investment committee reviewed business plans of 100 projects from 8 countries.

Keynote Speech

Xiaochen Zhang, President and CEO of FinTech4Good, together with Ms. Jie Wu, Founder and CEO of NOS Accelerator, Mr. Xianzheng Wu, Executive Director of Tian’an Yungu, Mr. Jianrong Huang, Founder of Wemerge Fund, gave their keynote speeches.

Blockchain application innovation that empowers the real economy has a huge potential in China, stated by Xiaochen Zhang. The winners of RBWC will benefit this contest given the resources of RBWC partners in strategic advisory, market development, as well as in investment opportunities. Ms. Jie Wu compared the roadmap of blockchain and artificial intelligence technology, highlighting that social advancement always comes with the technology innovation. Mr. Xianzheng Wu introduced the unique advantage of blockchain innovation in Yungu and encouraged start-ups to utilize advanced technologies to address social problems. Mr. Jianron Huang pointed out potential challenges that blockchain-based start-ups may encounter and provided valuable insights on how to address them.

Mr. Xiaochen Zhang, President and CEO of FinTech4Good.

Ms. Jie Wu, Founder and CEO of NOS Accelerator.

Mr. Xianzheng Wu, Executive Director of Tian’an Yungu.

Mr. Jianrong Huang, Founder of Wemerge Fund.

Mr. Lei Qin, Director of Finance Department of Shenzhen Investment Promotion Agency, was also invited to give a keynote speech on behalf of the Shenzhen municipal government. He stated that the government always valued technology innovation and had just announced the launch the fund to encourage venture capital investment with an investment of 15 billion from the government at the China Hi-Tech Fair. The government is positive on the progress made in blockchain and digital development, but still very concerned about the application. He also mentioned that the government was pleased to see that the public attention has shifted back to technology and how it will serve the industry innovation, which indicates that the industry is on the right track. Mr. Qin also announced the official opening of the RBWC China contest.

Mr. Lei Qin, Director of Finance Department of Shenzhen Investment Promotion Agency

Roadshow Project Introduction (by order of presentation)

BOOSTO is an influencer infrastructure that provides a protocol for creating decentralized applications that act like an entire ecosystem and allow developers and companies to easily build DApps that directly interact with individual influencers, influencer networks, social media platforms, and brands with consumers, services, companies and much more.

BOOSTO Roadshow

everiToken is a new public chain and ecosystem for the development of the Token Economy. The assets, certificates, and vouchers of the real world can be digitalized through the issuance of Tokens, and be easily used with unprecedented security, speed, and network compatibility.

everiToken Roadshow

With all assets and transactions secured on the blockchain, Terra Virtua(United Kingdom)is an entertainment-focused VR platform combining Netflix-style subscriptions for games with Premium, pay-per-play events and a groundbreaking Content Creation Tool, allowing users to build their own VR experiences.

Terra Virtua Roadshow

Antzknow is a decentralized prediction think tank and knowledge community, which is in the early stage of the “Internet community plus blockchain” model.

Antzknow Roadshow

Xank is a decentralized, meritocratically governed, self-funding, free-floating cryptocurrency with Stable Pay functionality in a single coin architecture which is NOT pegged to any fiat currency. This is the next evolution of stable coin.

Xank Roadshow

NULS is a blockchain infrastructure for customizable services based in Singapore. The aim is to build the “chain factory” and realize the value liquidity between the chains through the cross-chain module to create a macro ecosystem.

NULS Roadshow

Onniq (Lithuania) is an insur-tech company to bring a decentralized solution for insurance companies, to revolutionize ways they serve their markets, to meet the next generation insurance empowered by community.

Onniq Roadshow

Combined the traditional energy industry with emerging blockchain technology, Trinasolar provides reliable measurement, energy traceability, transparent trading and real-time settlement services to improve the efficiency of energy systems and make the energy trading green, trustable, efficient and flexible.

Trinasolar Roadshow

CryptoCarz is a car racing game using blockchain to provide players full ownership of their vehicles and a new gaming experience. The project uniquely combines blockchain, gaming and VR, tokenizing in-game assets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), hence introducing the concept of digital scarcity to immersive gaming.

CryptoCarz Roadshow

NewSaku is the largest news platform based on blockchain in Southeast Asia, which contribute to the development of community and make progress in algorithm by providing cryptocurrency rewards.

NewSaku Roadshow

Ewallet focus on blockchain software development and operation services. Currently, the main business includes Ewallet blockchain wallet, IPFS mining service, cold wallet, and the chips development etc.

Ewallet Roadshow

Based on blockchain technology, Flian is building a public chain ecosystem for the intellectual property industry, to help the enterprises and research institutes to enhance the management of intellectual property, improve the efficiency of intellectual property operations, and strengthen the protection of intellectual property.

Flian Roadshow

The Car Chain focuses on the Internet, car electronics, automotive aftermarket O2O, Internet car insurance, big data and blockchain applications. It is a technology-based Internet company that develops and operates car travel service hardware and software systems.

Car Chain Roadshow

Endereum is a Decentralized Data Storage and hosting platform based on IPFS based in Canada. With the Distributed Cloud Computing Platform and Blockchain technology, provide the FaaS and PaaS services to the customers and establishes a distributed sharing economic system.

Endereum Roadshow

Bitconch is a high-speed public chain with 100K+ TPS. It aims to build the No.1 basic public chain with high performance and high security.

Bitconch Roadshow

BlockGame is a blockchain game ecosystem platform, which provides blockchain game services to game developers and blockchain project parties. Up to now, it has 1.5 million platform users, and has successfully operated hundreds of blockchain games.

BlockGame Roadshow

Kangkang Data is a medical and health cloud data trading platform, which is aiming to build an ecosystem with merchants, consumers, and makers, and to empower the real economies with the blockchain token.

Kangkang Data Roadshow

RBWC China Award

RBWC China invited seasoned investors and blockchain experts as judges and keynote speakers, including Ming Qu, Hongbin Zhang, Ruola Ou, Shangxin Li, Xiaochen Zhang, Jianrong Huang, Mindao Yang, Jianwu Guo, Ye Yuan, Dong Xu, Qingtao He, Ormar Chen, Lianjin Huang, Yue Wang, Daobin Xu, Xiaomin Wang and Xiaohai Chen. The review committee gave the “Disrupter Award” to top five innovative projects after grading all the projects on five different aspects. The winners of the “Disrupter Award” are Endereum, Terra Virtua, NULS, Blockgame and Flian.

Endereum representative received the award.

Terra Virtua representative received the award.

NULS representative received the award.

Blockgame representative received the award.

Flian representative received the award.

The judges were impressed by the five projects for their advanced technology authentic scenario, innovative team and their roadshow performance. We believe that these five teams are able to make positive social impacts through their technology solutions.

Blockchain Investment Matchmaking

On November 24th, the second day of the RBWC China Contest, all the projects were invited to the matchmaking event hosted by Wemerge Fund.

Blockchain Investment Matchmaking event.

Xiaochen Zhang, President and CEO of FinTech4Good (right) at the matchmaking event.

Project team representative at the matchmaking event.

We really appreciate all the efforts of our partners to make the RBWC China contest a huge success. Our partners include Tamarace, TC China, AC Accelerator, LIGHTER, Beijing Blockchain Association, ONLINE, IDHub, T Capital, Coinstreet Fintech Limited, Wemerge Fund, Blockpower Capital, Daohuo Capital, Lianyun Tech,Interplanetary Node and ZBG. We also appreciate the support from BlOCKGLOBE and many other media partners.

Exclusive Media Partner

Strategic Media Partners

RBWC Media Partners

RBWC has brought together global leaders from academia, public sector, private sector and technology community to identify, build, implement and expand most influential blockchain innovation projects, in order to further promote global digital transformation. Build upon the innovation ecosystem in China and the U.S., RBWC aims to reach the global market within the Responsible Blockchain Framework and find innovative blockchain infrastructure technology, impactful distributed applications, valuable instruments for blockchain industry as well as cross-sector technology solutions. With the successful inception of RBWC China, FinTech4Good, together with NOS Accelerator, Tian’an Yungu and Wemerge fund, will continue our collaboration with global leading investors to identify the most influential innovation projects, within the framework of Responsible Blockchain, and to help these projects to grow in multiple markets across the globe.

On December 5th, the RBWC U.S. contest will be launched in Washington D.C. Blockchain innovation cases will be presented to industry leaders and investors from the world to advance the development of impactful blockchain projects. The Global Security Token Committee will also present cases on Security Token Offering (STO) to companies that are interested in raising capital in the U.S. via STO. We look forward to seeing you in Washington D.C.

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