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2018 TOP10 Blockchain Innovations in China Winners

FinTech4Good in partner with BlockGlobe, Global Digital Economy Leadership Council, launched a “2018 TOP10 Blockchain Innovations in China” initiative. 10 Blockchain Influencers from China nominated 30 the most innovative blockchain startups to become candidates for the China TOP10. Within 14 days, more than 1.4 million people participated in the voting process. Here are the China TOP10 selected from this process.

•PalletOne: PalletOne aims to establish an ‘IP protocol’ for the blockchain industry, allowing value to flow freely between different blockchains.

•everiToken: EveriToken is a token-based public chain in supporting the global token economy. everiToken introduces the novel idea of SafeContracts at the API layer.

•TureChain: TrueChain is a public blockchain platform which is supported by hybrid consensus technology called Minerva and a global developer community.

•Ludos Protocol: Ludos Protocol aims to utilize a mainchain + multi-sidechain architecture to overcome scalability issues.

•Yotta Chain: YottaChain builds an open platform to play a key role in the development of blockchain storage, aspiring to redefine the blockchain storage industry.

•GRG Chain: GRG Chain is a public chain for intelligent manufacturing.

•FORTUNA:FORTUNA is a blockchain platform for the global OTC derivatives market.

•BIMT: BIMT utilizes blockchain technology as a supplementary tool for intelligent manufacturing, focusing on the transaction of production data

•Newton Project: Newton is a project launched for building a new kind of blockchain-based e-commerce system where everyone should benefit directly from economic growth.

•Hubox: Hubox develops a professional cryptocurrency financial service platform.

For more information on Top 10, please click here.

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