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Interview with FinTech4Good President Xiaochen Zhang in CGTN on China's Greater Bay Development

“By 2022, the framework should essentially be formed for an international first-class bay area and world-class city cluster that is vibrant and highly innovative with an optimized industrial structure, a smooth flow of various factors and a pleasant ecological environment, according to a plan for the Greater Bay Area development.”


China's Greater Bay Development Plans is under the spotlight.

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Xiaochen Zhang, the president of FinTech4Good was invited by CGTN to discusses about the China's Greater Bay Development Plans. During the interview Xiaochen shared his perspectives on population potential, hurdles wait to be overcome and bay area transformation potentials.

Interview highlights:

  • Three strategic initiatives in China: Belt and Road Initiative, Xiongan Development Plan and China’s Greater Bay Area.

  • With 2 special administrative regions and 9 cities, it creates a new economic development hub for future growth

  • Hongkong will serve as a finance and trade center which Macao is the tourist center to attract the world talent to the region. Shenzhen will strengthen it’s role as a high tech hub while Guangzhou takes on an administrative role for regional cirdination.

  • With 5G, blockchain, smart manufacturing and other emerging technologies, new infrastructure will be built to enhance physical connectivity in the region.

  • International collaboration will be a key driver for the emergence of such an economic development hub.

  • We will advance the discussion on these issues at the World Technology Forum in May in NYC.

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