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With ICOs, there are two baskets that can create values: both the underline business activities and the token. This changes my strategy of investing.

Brad Bulent Yasar 

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, KrowdMentor 

About this Episode

Host: Xiaochen Zhang, Founder and CEO of FinTech4Good

About Brad Bulent Yasar 
Co-Founder & Managing Partner, KrowdMentor 
Brad is an entrepreneur, investor, mentor, and advisor who has started and bootstrapped several companies from inception to maturity over the past 20 years. Brad is currently the co-founder and Managing Partner of Krowd Mentor, a strategic crowdfunding advisory firm focusing on ICOs, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and token powered organizations.

As the co-founder for Blockchain Investors Consortium (BIC) with over $2 Billion dollars allocated to blockchain and cryptocurrency projects and has access to extensive dealflow and experience analyzing disruptive technologies, Brad has participated in dozens successful crowd sales, which have raised over $500 million from 10,000s of investors in 12 months.

About KrowdMentor
KrowdMentor is a strategic investment and advisory firm empowering blockchain investors, funds, startups and entrepreneurs to reach their liquidity goals. It helps founders design, launch and scale their blockchain ventures and it helps investors find the right Initial Coin Offering (ICO) investments for their portfolios.

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