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Frontier Labs serve as our research and pilot platform. They leverage Blockchain and FinTech solutions to solve the world’s biggest problems, by engaging diverse stakeholders to explore, experiment, and adopt solutions.


Current approaches to connecting technology and new sectors and geographies can be difficult, because of limited market exposure and lack of a common language. By working across sectors and traditional silos, our Labs provide the platform for exploration, and development to drive towards testing and implementation. Currently, we focus on themes that span different sectors and bring a variety of stakeholders together to explore Blockchain/DLT solutions.

Our Blockchain Labs

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The call for application of our next Global Blockchain and FinTech Acceleration 

Frontier Accelerators are intentionally designed to be lean, local, and customizable depending on customer demand. Through partnerships with local incubators and accelerators, We leverage existing local expertise to expose startups to the nuances of local industries and markets. We supplement local partners’ capacity with a toolkit of Blockchain and FinTech applications and training modules, a global mentor network, and a pipeline of potential customers eager to experiment with startups and their early-stage solutions. Each accelerator is focused on one industry and is supported by potential customers – such as governments and corporations – that have a vested interest in integrating new DLT and FinTech innovations into their approach.









Global digitalx 100 acceleration Week


Global digitalx 100 acceleration challenge
and global recruitment tour

Global Blockchain4SDGs Alliance

Catalyze FinTech and Blockchain Innovations for a Sustainable Digital Transformation

Blockchain4SDGs Alliance brings together institutions and global leaders to develop POCs and pilots, and mobilize capital to scale up such blockchain based SDGs solutions.

The Alliance, launched in January 2017 in DC, has more than 100 members who have developed more than 50 blockchain based SDGs related solutions  in areas such as micro grid energy trading, supply chain management, inclusive finance, result based healthcare, disaster relief, green bonds, etc.

Since its inception, the Alliance has develop a number of programs and initiatives such as Global Council on Digital Economy, Blockchain Bonds Initiative, Blockchain4SDGs Lab, and Blockchain4SDGs Investors Consortium. These programs aim to bring together though leaders, industrial practitioners, investors and public sector to bring the most promising blockchain solutions to frontier markets.

Any blockchain technology companies (with an existing product), industry partners (with specific demand) , investors ($ 2 million and above worth of assets under management) and public agencies (MDBs, UN agencies, national and sub-national agencies) are welcome to apply to become a member of the Blockchain4SDGs Alliance and join one or more of our initiatives.

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