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AI 2030 Show

Step into the world of AI innovation and ethics with the AI 2030 Show – your daily source for Responsible AI insights! Join us each weekday, Monday to Friday, as we explore the AI landscape from a fresh perspective. From enlightening dialogues on ethical AI practices to diving into cutting-edge breakthroughs, our show has you covered. Tune in for an intellectually stimulating journey as we unravel AI's intricacies, foster responsible development, and pave the path for an AI-powered future that's brighter for all. Make sure you don't miss a single episode – catch the AI 2030 Show daily! 

But it's not all business – we believe in having fun while delving into the responsible AI landscape.

AI 2030 Show

Welcome to the AI 2030 Show Speaker Onboarding Hub!

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Our platform welcomes four distinct types of guest speakers

Responsible AI Advocates

If you're at the forefront of advancing responsible AI frameworks and regulations, we'd love to showcase your expertise.

Accessible AI Innovators

 If you're developing tools that democratize responsible AI for various industries and use cases, we invite you to share your insights.

Ethical AI Implementers

If you're applying responsible AI principles in developing and using AI in different industries, your experiences could inspire others.

Foundational AI Researchers

If you're contributing foundational research or building infrastructure that advances responsible AI, we want to highlight your contributions.

We're in action EVERY DAY, Monday to Friday! Tune in at 8:30 AM CST (for those in the US) to catch our show. And here's the scoop on show prep:

Prep: 8:20 AM CST - Just follow our Crowdcast link (no downloads needed). 

Join us in exploring Responsible AI with flair and insight. Reach out to us at to be part of the AI 2030 Show experience and help shape the future of AI for all.

Looking forward to having you on board for the AI 2030 Show!

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