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CFPA Launches Crowdfunding Expert Community Online Platform

The Crowdfunding Professional Association (CFPA) announced on Thursday the launch its new Crowdfunding Expert Community Online (ECOTM), a knowledge-sharing platform connecting crowdfunding professionals with entrepreneurs, investors and others seeking relevant, experienced guidance. The launch reportedly debuted in conjunction with CFPA’s 4th annual Crowdfinance Summit held in greater Washington, D.C. on April 20th.

While sharing more details about the new platform, Scott McIntyre, President of CFPA, stated:

“The CfPA could not be more pleased to be partnering with Brainsy in implementing its brilliant new ECO platform. Streamlined, amalgamated dynamic content is a key feature of great benefit to not only our membership, but equally useful to publishers, researchers and analysts always looking for a comprehensive knowledge base. The ability to provide profile showcases and revenue opportunities for our qualified members is just icing on the cake.”

Some of the CFPA professionals included in the ECO launch include:

  • Jordan Fishfeld: Managing Director of CFX Markets

  • Darren Marble: CEO of CrowdfundX

  • Scott McIntyre: President of Crowdfunding Professional Association (CFPA)

  • Zachary Robbins: Attorney at Winthrop & Weinstine

  • Richard Swart, PhD: Global Crowdfunding and FinTech Advisor, Board Member, Expert Consultant

  • Patrick Tracey: Senior Vice President, Business Development, Computershare

  • Alon Hillel-Tuch: Managing Partner, Dreamit Ventures & Stacked Venture Builder

  • Xiaochen Zhang: President of FinTech4Good

CFPA also revealed that ECO professionals will be able to self-designate their expertise in any of the key subject matter categories including: Big Data, Blockchain, Community Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Cross-border & Investment, Economic Sustainability, Education & Training, Equity, Funding Portals, Impact Investing, International Development, Intrastate, Law, Media & Publication, P2P Lending, Pre-Sales, Real Estate, Regulations & Compliance, Rewards & Donation, Small Business Finance, and Start-up Mentoring. Brian Christie, CEO of Brainsy, the ECO platform provider, added:

“Crowdfunding has the potential to fundamentally alter how entrepreneurs and early stage companies find their sources of capital. We’re excited that the Crowdfunding Professional Association has selected Brainsy to provide the platform to bring together experts, innovators, knowledge seekers and other stakeholders in this rapidly growing community.”



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