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Seso Global: A Case Study in Using Blockchain to Solve Titling Challenges

In the blog post titled Why Should I Care About Blockchain If I Care About Affordable Housing we discussed some potential use cases for the use of Blockchain to make housing more affordable. Today’s blog brings to you an example of one of those use cases.

Last week FinTech4Good had the opportunity to speak with Daniel Bloch co-founder and CEO of Seso Global. The name ‘Seso’ comes from Sesostris, the pharaoh in ancient Egypt that invented the modern form of land registry. Like Sesosttris, Seso is using innovation to help solve the housing challenges in Africa.

The interview was a fascinating view into:

  • Some of the housing challenges in Africa;

  • Why Seso is using blockchain technology; and

  • How Covid19 has impacted Seso’s quest to revolutionize the housing market in Africa.

You can find the link to the interview here:

We hope you enjoy the insight into the Seso story as much as we did. If you want more insight into their story, the Harvard Business School has turned it into a case study:

If you would like to learn more about FinTech4Good's efforts in applying digital technology to affordable and sustainable housing or would like to join us in our efforts please sign up here Digital Innovations For Affordable and Sustainable Housing Interest Group.


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