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FinTech4Good Blockchain Incubator to be Launched in February

FinTech4Good Blockchain Incubator will be Launched concurrent with the DC Digital Asset Investment Forum (DAIF) on Feb.20th, 2018, in Washington, DC. Organized by FinTech4Good, this will be the second forum of FinTech4Good’s DAIF global series in the year of 2018, after the successful launch of the Digital Asset Leadership Committee in the first DAIF in New York.

FinTech4Good seeks to identify and scale the most promising Fintech and Blockchain technology solutions worldwide and bring them to frontier markets through incubation, acceleration, and investment.

“This event will mark the launch of the DC Digital Economy Hub, a FinTech4Good Blockchain Incubator, in DC. “We have seen an accelerated increase of blockchain start-ups to build their headquarters in Washington DC in the last 18 months.” said Xiaochen Zhang, President of FinTech4Good. “The Blockchain Incubator will mobilize global investment and expertise to position DC as a blockchain hub for global innovators from all over the world. The DC DAIF will be an important vehicle to convene global leaders to meet, communicate and collaborate in DC.”

Attendees at the event expect to include startups as well as well known crypto investors such as JD Capital, Token Club, Expert Dojo Blockchain Accelerator.

Several universities and research institutions are said to be participating such as the Johns Hopkins University, George Washington University, The Blockchain Academy, as well as blockchain influencers from the World Bank, BlockchainA3 Partners, and Digital Asset Leadership Committee.

“We hope this forum could help more enterprises connect with the world through blockchain and digital assets,” says Tong Gao, CEO of Token Club, “The DC Digital Economy Hub will select the world most promising digital asset solutions and help them to achieve exponential growth. We are excited to build a long term collaboration with the incubator.”

Kaikai Yang, the co-founder of Energo Labs, a leading Cleantech Blockchain startup from Shanghai, will serve as a co-chair of the newly established Energy Blockchain Leadership Committee at the DAIF.

“We are very excited to collaborate with FinTech4Good and other blockchain leaders to push forward the development of renewable energy and sustainable environment.”



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