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2nd Blockchain Impact Summit 2018 in Toronto

The 2018 Blockchain Impact Investment Summit hosted by Miller Thomson LLP and Blockchain Impact Institute took place from September 28-29 at the Downtown Hilton Hotel in Toronto.

This event is designed as a platform for blockchain industry leaders to meet up and exchange ideas and for attendees to gain valuable insight and information about the state of blockchain technology and the token economy.

Xiaochen Zhang, President of Fintech4Good and Blockchain Frontier Group, was invited as one of the keynote speakers to talk about “Incubating Next Blockchain Unicorn: Approaches and Beyond”.

Highlights of the Summit:

  • Elite gathering: from industry mainstreams of the east & the west with 30+ speakers and 500+ attendees.

  • Thoughts sharing: for influential leaders from leading enterprises, startups, investors, financial institutions, academics and policy groups.

  • One-quarter participants coming from Asia: including 80+ industry leaders, investors, and 50+medias from China.

  • Face-to-face discussion on blockchain challenges & opportunities: with the participating of Chinese investors

  • Dialogue developing of broad topics: on blockchain funds, exchanges, public chains, media, communication, and mining, etc.

  • Excellent project roadshows: achieving seamless integration between project parties, funds, exchanges, media, and participants.


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