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With the success in Silicon Valley, the RBWC US will be more exciting at the East Coast

世界影响力区块链大赛美国启动赛获奖项目: Tweebaa、 Aermetric与Drone Employee

Top 3 Winners: Tweebaa、 Aermetric and Drone Employee

The Responsible Blockchain World Championship (RBWC) US was launched at the Frontier Technology Exhibition on Oct 29th, 2018 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley. The Frontier Technology Exhibition is another highlight event after the "Focus on Blockchain" 2018 EventBlock World Tour in Silicon Valley co-hosted by EventBlock and CCTV Finance in September 2018. Both RBWC co-chairs and start-up representatives came together to celebrate the launch of the RBWC US at the Venture Capital Summit.

This event is co-hosted by CCTV, NovaOne, NEWDO venture and IDEAS (International Data Engineering and Science Association), and also partnered with NABA (North America Blockchain Association), SV CAFÉ.COM, NETEASE US, etc. 50 distinguished guests from the technology industry convened in Silicon Valley. The event lasted for 10 hours, including keynote speeches by blockchain technology industry leaders and roadshows of blockchain startups.

获奖项目路演:Tweebaa,演讲者:Margaret Wang,创始人

Tweebaa speaker:Margaret Wang (the founder)

The Founder of FinTech4Good, Xiaochen Zhang, who is also the UN ESCAP Digital Economy Task Force Expert, analyzed the pros and cons of the Security Token Offering (STO) and market trends, and introduced the five-day training program provided by the Blockchain Funding Academy of FinTech4Good.

From December 3rd to December 7th, FinTech4Good will join hands with STO's star companies, US regulatory and legal experts to help entrepreneurs from China and other parts of the world to understand how to achieve liquidity in the capital markets through STO issuance and exchange.

Dr. Ann Shin, Co-Founder of Ultrafund, pointed out various financing tools based on blockchain technology and shared his views on the future trend of tokenomics. Roger Royse, President of the Royse Law Firm, also gave a speech on "The Trend of Token Economy". He expressed concerns that tokens may have potential risks from the legal point of view. Many projects have spent a lot of time on white papers and tokenization. It is, however, rather more important to spend time building a more comprehensive system of financial instruments to achieve long-term market value. Marwan Forzley, CEO and Co-Founder of Veem, gave a speech on "The Development of Blockchain in the Financial Industry". Veem's blockchain-based cross-border payment and settlement solutions will not only effectively reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of cross-border payments, but also meet the regulatory requirements through cross-border collaboration.

Aermetric speaker: Derek Waterman

The Responsible Blockchain World Championship Silicon Valley Winner List

We are surprised by the selected startups with their innovative projects including the next-generation technology of public blockchain infrastructure such as BitConch, and the league chain projects that provide blockchain solutions for enterprises such as the Accounting Ledger Chain, as well as VTRY, a leading distributed application project of tokenization. Tweebaa Inc., Aermetric and Drone Employee won the RBWC Top 3 Disrupter Award.

Tweebaa combines the blockchain technology with the innovative collaboration model to create a zero-cost profitable business platform. Wang Lei, Founder of Tweebaa, said that the Tui Yi Ba project has created a new business platform through the innovation of the token economic model combined with the rich experience of the team in value creation, so that those who have potentials but failed to make profits can grow bigger across the globe through zero-cost marketing and investment services.

Aermetric’s project is filling the gap in the aviation industry. Today, one of the big problems in aviation industry is delay and cancellation of flights due to aircraft technology failures. Aermetric combines big data, artificial intelligence(AI), and blockchain technology to effectively predict flight details, which will significantly reduce flights delays and minimize losses. Derek said, “Eventblock and FinTech4Good have done a great job. Through the RBWC in Silicon Valley, we provide a valuable platform for participants by combining innovative ideas, disruptive projects, and sustainable capital.

Drone Employee is the blockchain solution leader in the drone field. These drones need to be sold with lower cost and higher efficiency. This is what makes Drone Employee so valuable. Vitaly Bulatov stated that ‘Our business model started with drones, but our goal is to provide this service to all mobile robot systems. We have used this technology in air and underwater drones in 2018. In 2019, we will expand to driverless systems and ground robotics.’

Drone Employee speaker:Vitaly Bulatov

Initiated by FinTech4Good, in partnership with multiple institutions, the RBWC selects projects from the globe to introduce billions of capitals to impactful blockchain and digital technology innovation projects and meet the potential market demand. The winners were interviewed by Forbes China. Over 100 media partners have covered RBWC including Xinhua, PEOPLE, Huan Yu, HUOXING Finance, Silicon Valley Times, Yuehai Media, Money 20/20, Iterduo, Biknow, CoinVoice and Penta. The winners of RBWC Silicon Valley will be invited to participate in the RBWC Semi-Final in New York.

World Blockchain Forum and RBWC US Semi-Final in New York

The World Blockchain Forum will be held on November 8th and 9th, 2018 at the New York Hilton Midtown. This event is co-organized by FinTech4Good, Blockchain Impact, SVFF Silicon Valley Future Forum. The strategic media partners are Bitcoin, BTCMANAGER, AMB CRYPTO, COINTIME, ICOHOLDER, LIGHTER NODE MEDIA. Other media partners include NASDAQ, NETFLIX, HULU, WebRTC, OTT, SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS, ROKU, APPLE TV, as well as other Chinese and international media as co-organizers and supporters.

Additionally, we have invited speakers include Cai Yige, Manager of Tencent’s blockchain operations, Samson Mow, Chief Strategy Officer of Blockstream and CEO of Pixelmatic, Mahbod Moghadam, Chief Community Officer of Everipedia, Alex Mashinsky, Founder and CEO of Celsius Network, Slava Rubin, Founder of Indiegogo. , and OGroup, CEO of Maja Vujinovic.

Also , we have judges from well-known investment institutions, including Marto Capital, Amerx, FinTech4Good, OKCoin, Alternative Invesments, Citdex Venture Fund, CoineBene Fund, Pantera, Galaxy Digital, Blockchain Science, and Ignit500.

After New York RBWC, we will continue to recruit frontier blockchain projects across the globe. The winners of the Silicon Valley and New York competitions will have the opportunity to participate in the US semi-finals and STO Funding Academy in Washington D.C. on December 5th, 2018.

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