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Security Token Offering Academy And Responsible Blockchain Summit: A Call From Washington DC

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There was a backlash to ICOs due to market uncertainty, lack of regulation, obvious fraud and speculation, and warnings from governments. As Ernst& Yong reported 86% of ICO’s worth less than Listing Price and only 29% have MVP. More and more companies are leaning toward Security Token Offerings (STO) for fundraising. STO resolves the ICO issues, step in the right direction because of its regulatory compliance, and will bring in more conscientious actors in the market. You can see from the following graphic of the detailed benefits of STO. It is estimated that STOs will grow to $10 trillion in the coming 10 years.

STO Academy from Dec.3-7, 2018 in Washington DC

In May 2018, tZERO and BOX Digital Markets launched the first security token exchange. Through three key acquisitions, Coinbase was approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to list tokens classified as securities in July 2018. Indiegogo made an announcement to sell real estate-backed security tokens in August 2018. Based on the current statistics from Token. Security, there have been 31 security tokens issued. 74% STOs happened in the U.S., while 16% STOs were issued in Europe (Sweden, the Netherland, U.K., Austria), and the rest of STOs were in Panama, Canada.

In preparing blockchain innovators to adopt this innovative fundraising instrument, FinTech4Good, in collaboration partners to launch a 5-day STO Academy in Washington DC from Dec.3-7, 2018. The Master Trainers are industry leaders who have been instrumental in the STO market. During these 5 days, participants will go through key questions that a STO issuer may need to answer, meet with STO assurance platforms, exchanges and STO investors. The STO Design Workshop provides participants with hands-on tools and guidance to design a STO from a to z.

Responsible Blockchain Disrupters Identified in Silicon Valley

As the market is consolidating, FinTech4Good, in working with partners from 5+ countries, is launching a Responsible Blockchain World Championship. Launched on October 4th in New York, leaders from Draper Dragon Innovation Fund, SOSV, GOBI VC, Blockchain Frontier Venture Fund, Alignment Capital and many other top investment funds work tirelessly in multiple countries to select the top 30 blockchain innovations to be accelerated in both China and the U.S.

On Oct 29th, the RBWC US Open was held in Silicon Valley. From a fierce competing, Tweebaa, Aermetric and Drone Employee won the RBWC Disrupter Award. Tweebaa combines the blockchain technology with an innovative collaboration model to create a zero-cost profitable business platform to democratize opportunities. Aermetric combines big data, artificial intelligence(AI), and blockchain technology to effectively predict flight details, which will significantly reduce flights delays and minimize losses. Drone Employee is the blockchain solution leader in the drone field. It helps drone employer to accept orders, process payments and fly autonomous missions at a lower cost with higher efficiency through their cutting-edge blockchain technology.

RBWC Disrupter Award winners to accept Awards

Responsible Blockchain Summit in DC on Dec. 5th, 2018

On Nov 8th, world leaders will meet in New York again during the World Blockchain Forum and Responsible Blockchain China Forum in Shenzhen on Nov.23, 3018. RBWC applicants will have the opportunity to pitch in front of some of the most influential blockchain investors such as Marto Capital, Amerx, OKCoin, Alternative Investments, Citdex Venture Fund, CoineBene Fund, Pantera Partners, Galaxy Digital Blockchain Science, Ignite 500, Draper Dragon Innovation Fund, SOSV, GOBI VC, Blockchain Frontier Venture Fund, Alignment Capital, etc. After both Silicon Valley, New York and Shenzhen events, RBWC applicants will be more prepared to pitch at the Responsible Blockchain Summit in DC on Dec.5th, 2018. Winners of the RBWC will be selected to join a 10-week acceleration program.

“While some say it is the winter for blockchain innovations, we see opportunities,” said Xiaochen Zhang, President of FinTech4Good. “Through STO Academy and Responsible Blockchain World Championship programs, we will identify and help to scale the most innovative and responsible blockchain companies to be successful. We can be successful in achieving this mission only with the support of our global ecosystem and partners.”


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