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FinTech4Good President Xiaochen Zhang Shared on Block1Plus3 Acceleration Initiative at Johns Hopkins

Washington, D.C.– December 10, 2018-The Blockchain Best Practice Forum was held successfully at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. This exclusive event gathered executives across governments, corporations, and academia.

Dr. Jim Kyung-Soo Liew, assistant professor of finance at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and Jose Arrieta, associate deputy assistant secretary for Acquisition at U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) opened the Forum. Many of the practical blockchain best practices are shared at the following panel discussions. To scale up these use cases, Xiaochen Zhang introduced a new program, Block1Plus3 Acceleration Initiative that FinTech4Good is working on.

Xiaochen Zhang, President of FinTech4Good was sharing on the Block1Plus3 Acceleration Initiative

"The Block1Plus3 Acceleration Initiative is a collaborative program participated by leading universities, incubators and blockchain innovators. In working with universities, we will select and train university students from different disciplines to become FinTech4Good Fellows. The top start-ups which are selected to enter into this program will be matched with 3 Fellows each to meet one goal defined by the company. On one hand, this Initiative will give students opportunity to gain practical experience from working with some of the most impactful blockchain startups. On the other hand, these start-ups will be able to strengthen their technical and adaptive capacity in achieving their goals. ” said Xiaochen Zhang at the event. “These Fellows will be guided by our mentors and become an important part in these startups journey to succeed.”

Attendance list:

Isabel X, Attorney, Guanghua Law Group

Yue D, Analyst, Beijing Quantum Financial Services Asset Management Co.,Ltd

Karlotta S, Dir. of Operations, Excellus, LLC

Karen S, President and CEO, Excelous, LLC

Gary Y, Chairman,


Asmerom G, Principal, Epsilon Innovation Group Inc.

Adam H, Advisor, Quona Capital

Cory P, Application Partnerships, Personal Digital Spaces

Robert S, Executive in Residence, The American University

Bianca G, Counsel to LabCFTC, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Tiffany G, Consultant/Advisor, Axes and Eggs

Mohamad M, Founder, MOMO BLOCK

Cindy R, Director, Business Development, Smart1 Management Solutions

John R, Chief Blockchain Officer, Science Distributed

Senthil S, Graduate Student, Georgetown University

Camille J, Director of Strategy, Mark Labs

Lisa D, Assistant, Solicient

Ricky B, CEO, Solicient

Elizabeth D, Partner, Murphy & McGonigle PC

Michael K, Attorney, -

Jessica Y, Assistant, FinTech4Good

John X, Student, Johns Hopkins University

Frederic d, Vice President, Prometheus Computing

Tony L, Senior Adviser, Fintech4good

Qiuyan Y, Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins SAIS

Patrick D, Co-Founder, The Giving Block

Eric B, Shareholder, Murphy & McGonigle, P.C.

William C, Economist, Creative Investment Research

Vincent A, Director, Customs and Border Protection

emmanuel a, CEO, InnovaChain LLC

Dionandrea S, FSO, Dept. of State

Chungwoo C, Student, Washington University in St. Louis

Michael R, President, RavenTek

Ayan I, Cybersecurity Strategist, US Government

Elen A, Founder, Healthifi

Cindy C, CEO, CLC Advisors, LLC

Ranjit M, Director, IT, ICG

Tamas B, Associate Professor, Applied Mathematics & Statistics, Johns Hopkins University

Jennifer G, Freelancer, Ghelardini, LLC

Edward Z, CEO, 3x3 Capital LLC

Nicole K, Counsel, Stradley Ronon

Peter H, Partner, Stradley Ronon

Avishai Z, CEO, Singulariteam Technology Group

Inon S, VP Impact Investments & Blockchain Innovation, Singulariteam Technology Group

Mutian Z, Student, JHU

Robert B, Publisher, Energy Blockchain Monitor

Zondetta K, Business Entrepreneur, Executive Corner Corporation (ECC)

Velvet J, Senior Counsel, Michael Best

Daniel S, Director of Member Services, Chamber of Digital Commerce

Jaime A, Data, IIS

Demir Y, Professor, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

Sam S, National Business Development Lead, ConsenSys

Nino M, Deputy Director, Defense Technology Innovation Program - DoD

Fernando S, Researcher, DAXIA

Brenda L, VP R&D Data Scientist, DAXIA

Daniel U, CEO,

Rick M, Professor, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

Sonia M, President, Chenega Analytic Business Solutions, LLC (CABS)

Natalie O, AI/ML Engineer, SoKat

Kris V, CEO, Chain Ecosystems

Carol V, CEO, Luminous Group

Alexander A, Venture Partner, FundRx

Ted K, Board Member, American Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Association

Yidu W, Manager, Consulting

Christian G, Principal, Ejen

Mingu L, SVP, Samsung SDSA

Maureen Murat M, Professor of Law, University of New Hampshire - School of Law

Wei Z, Graduate student, Johns Hopkins SAIS


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